• Automated Driving Support
  • Steer-by-Wire Support
  • Driver Effort Support


Provides an additional safety layer for all variants of Electronic Power Steering (EPS) systems. These software functions use the vehicle’s brake and propulsion systems to help steer the vehicle, even in low-mu situations.

Brake-to-Steer: Automated Driving Support

Provides a steering redundancy option for highly automated vehicles. This function earned an Automotive News – PACEpilot Innovation to Watch in 2021. (Targeted for SAE Levels 4-5)

Brake-to-Steer: Steer-by-Wire Support

Translates the driver’s steering inputs into brake system control to steer a vehicle without a functional steering system. (Targeted for SAE Levels 1-5)

Brake-to-Steer: Driver Effort Support

When paired with traditional EPS, this variant reduces driver torque when EPS degrades, and driver steering efforts increase significantly. (Targeted for SAE Levels 1-3)

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